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A Dose of Nostalgia: My Past WordPress Themes

I started blogging in 2008, and though I began my journey with Blogspot/Blogger, I spent most of my blogging years on WordPress. During the early years, everybody changed blog themes almost every month! And as what I’ve noticed, cute and colorful was the trend. Because it was summer vacation (and even if it wasn’t), I spent most of my days designing (using free graphics and resources from a lot of sites) and editing the codes of my base theme. That time, I was proud of what I’ve done. Now, ummm… I could only laugh at myself! :))

Since iPhones and Android devices were just babies then, responsive design wasn’t a concern yet. I’ve only known of responsive web design when I was already on Tumblr in 2012.

Anyway, here are screenshots of some of my WordPress themes for my past blogs (animik.net and ifancy.me). Click on the photos to enlarge — or just don’t, hahaha. In the years that followed, I preferred minimalist themes already, evolving from using free themes to premium themes. :)

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Walking Around Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Getting from Singapore to Malaysia was fairly easy, but in my case, it involved a couple of rapid heartbeats here and there due to the fact that I still had a train to catch from Johor Bahru to Kuala Lumpur — I had to do everything in a hurry! I was at the station before the schedule for train departure, but as it turned out, the train was late for almost an hour, if I remember correctly. Hahaha.

My first day in Malaysia was spent on the train (the journey took 7 hours). Aside from sleeping, all I did was mostly stare out the window and take in all the greens of Malaysia’s countryside. I arrived in Kuala Lumpur at around 4pm. Since there were instructions on how to get to Marquee Guest Houzz (the hostel we stayed at) (Rating: ), I didn’t get lost.

I was going to meet Mumu that night, so while waiting for his arrival in the country (it’s also his first trip abroad), I roamed around the vicinity. I didn’t want to get too far. Our hostel was just near Central Market, so when I was looking at some watches, an Indian vendor was basically forcing me to buy one! I told him I could get it for a cheaper price in the Philippines. He kept arguing with me, but in the end, I got the watch at the price I wanted. :))

When Mumu finally arrived, I helped him settle down at the hostel before we went out for dinner. It was already dark to go anywhere, so we just chose an Indian restaurant (Restoran Yusoof dan Zakhir) near the hostel. It was the night I realized I don’t like Indian food that much (Mumu enjoyed it, though). :(

at restoran yusoof dan zakhir
The night I realized I don’t like Indian food. :(
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Random Thoughts #001

  1. Why am I still debating with myself over what to call this blog series? Anything that comes to mind that I cannot categorize goes here. Safe to say it’s “random”, right? And… statements or questions — they’re all thoughts.
  2. Why is it easy for some people to take someone else’s life as if he/she is just another animal? I can’t imagine myself being in their shoes. I’ll probably get killed by my own conscience.
  3. Why is it easy for some people to see others’ faults and not theirs? Can’t they see that we’re all just alike, making mistakes here and there?
  4. Why do we always seek other people’s approval in everything we do? Why can’t we just do something without expecting affirmation?
  5. The only thing that makes it difficult to admit our own mistakes is our pride. If we can just get over it and be not afraid to make mistakes, we would learn so much more.
  6. If you’ve already made a commitment, do your best to stick to it. Otherwise, people might get hurt.
  7. Why is it that one day, you’re so full of ideas and motivation but the next day, your mind’s as blank as a bond paper?
  8. When people call you out for something, there must be some truth to it. You can’t just deny it and convince yourself that you’re otherwise.
  9. Why do some people need or want to know the specific themes and fonts a blogger is using on his/her blog? Do they plan on using the same resources? Or is it just for their information?
  10. Why do some people like to stick their noses into other people’s business? Are they just curious? Are they trying to solve a problem? Or do they want to add fuel to the fire?

Back on Pinterest!

I have already mentioned over and over that I have deleted my social media accounts, including Pinterest. It’s not without contemplation that I may be back someday. I recently read Kisty’s blog post about growing your blog with Pinterest, and to quote my comment on her blog:

I’m actually thinking of going back to Pinterest since it’s not toxic compared to other social media sites. I also need somewhere else to plug my blog posts, hahaha. But I’m still weighing the pros and cons ‘coz right now, I really am enjoying life with only a few sites to visit and maintain everyday. :)))

After reflecting on creating other means of promoting my blog aside from Bloglovin’ and looking for other sources of inspiration, I’m finally back on Pinterest!

Visit Mikyu’s profile on Pinterest

I don’t have any other pins and boards yet aside from [featured] images from my blog, but I might have increased activity there in the coming days. Follow me? I’ll follow back! :)

My Blogging Essentials

After listing down my favorite WordPress plugins before, I’m now sharing to you my blogging essentials. I don’t think it differs significantly with other bloggers, but it may give you a glimpse of my blogging process.

Note: I’m an Android and Windows user, so I’m not sure if some of the apps listed below are available on iOS or OS X.

1. PlayMemories Mobile (phone app)

Whenever I travel or go to events, I always bring with me my Sony NEX-6 camera (save for some instances when I didn’t want to lug around one). One thing I like about this camera aside from its size and the quality of the photos is its ability to send photos to my phone wirelessly. In the olden days, I would wait to get home before I could transfer photos to my laptop and subsequently to my phone. Now, all the hassle with the cords are gone! With Sony’s PlayMemories Mobile app, I’m able to transfer photos to my phone in a breeze!

2. VSCO Cam (phone app)

Ever since the beginning of my blogging life, I’ve never (or seldom) uploaded unedited photos on my blog. I’m not sure if that’s something to be proud of, but I just think that unedited photos lack the feel that I want to communicate. Or that sometimes, they just look ugly, I have to edit them somewhere! Hihihi. When VSCO Cam became available for Android, I was elated! I downloaded/bought all the available filters, and though I only use a handful of them for my blog photos, it’s nice to have a lot of choices. I don’t only use the filters as is, though. I still experiment until I get the output I want.

3. Photo Editor (phone app) / PhotoScape (desktop app)

If you’ve been a follower of my blog for quite some time now, you might’ve noticed that I love including a lot of photos on my blog posts! It’s my way of telling the story without using too much words. And since big and lots of photos eat up big and lots of resources also, I make it a point to resize the photos before uploading them. I use Photo Editor for batch resizing on my phone, or PhotoScape on my laptop (depending on what’s convenient for me at the moment). A couple of years ago, my standard photo width was 400px — shame! Now, I use 1000px (1500px for featured images).

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