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Celebrating Our 4th Anniversary at Yakimix

Today, Mumu and I celebrated our 4th year of being together by releasing our inner piggies with an eat-all-you-can dinner at Yakimix. (Rating: )

My first Yakimix meal was in Manila, and I thought it was just so-so because I found the food kind of bland. However, it was my despedida lunch with my teammates since I was coming back to Cebu for good so I still enjoyed it. This time (in Cebu branch), the food was great! We chose to skip the rice so we wouldn’t feel full/bloated fast. I personally loved the salmon belly the most! It’s so tender and juicy, I could eat it forever! Pero walang forever, so… :P

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ACN Cebu Digital Summer Outing

Digital is my industry group at work, by the way. We had our summer outing on the last Saturday of May at Be Resorts Mactan.

I just joined this group on April this year, so I’m one of the new people here (but I’ve been with the company for 3 years already). I went there with my training batchmates so at least it wasn’t awkward being in a new environment. :P

It was a really hot day! We finished our major activities (team cheer, games, raffle, lunch) in the morning and spent the afternoon at the pool. I won the grand prize for the raffle, by the way! It’s a 2014 GoPro Hero (entry-level)! I sold it to my friend, though. Hehehe. :D

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Life as of Late #005

Judging by the number of posts I’ve published this month (5 including this), I could conclude that May has been a busy (or maybe lazy) month.

  1. After a 2-week training on Adobe Experience Manager (CMS), our group started on our asset development at work. I’ve only been on it for 4 days but another technology, hybris (e-commerce), needed more resources with Java background so I was pulled out from the asset development to do a “training” (self-study, actually) again. I’m feeling so in demand! :)))
  2. We went chasing mountain[s] and chasing waterfalls on the first weekend of May. It was indeed labor day. :P
  3. Mumu and I spent two days with his family who came to Cebu to celebrate the birthday of his nephew. One day was spent in the amusement arcade with the kids, another day was spent in Cebu Westown Lagoon.
  4. I finished reading 2 books — Isla and the Happily Ever After by Stephanie Perkins, and Not Today, But Someday by Lori L. Otto. I’m now onto the Emi Lost & Found series (still by Lori L. Otto).
  5. After I-don’t-know-how-many-months, I joined another Gawad Kalinga event — the Hope Conference 2015 — in Anda, Bohol.
  6. The Digital group in our company had a summer outing yesterday at Be Resorts Mactan. It may be our last hurrah in summer since the rainy season is coming.

I’ve been (and will be) spending most of my nights reading a book or doing some studying/reviewing for work, hence the lack of updates on this blog. I might be laying low from adventures starting June to save up, though, so I might have more time to blog on weekends. :)

Dao Falls and Aguinid Falls in Samboan, Cebu

After our Mt. Hambubuyog adventure in Ginatilan, we asked the motorcycle drivers to take us to the next town, which is Samboan, and we spent the rest of the day at Chelan Resort. Since it was still too hot when we arrived there, we waited until late in the afternoon before we soaked ourselves in the waters. It was already low tide and we didn’t like going farther so we stayed in the shallow waters. Then I struck a sea urchin. Ouch. Thankfully, though, it didn’t hurt as much.

view from chelan resort

The next day, which was Sunday and Pacquiao’s fight was scheduled on that day (we weren’t able to watch because our adventure > Pacman hehehe), another unfortunate event happened to me — my monthly visitor came. Clue: it’s red and brings a lot of pain. Hahaha #sorrynotsorry. I thought I wasn’t going to enjoy this day, but I still did. :))

Note: Most of the photos in this post are from Mumu and my friend Angel.

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Labor Day at Mt. Hambubuyog

My friends and I were looking forward to May 1 because it’s a holiday (Labor Day) here in the Philippines, which means we have no work and that we get to spend it for leisure! It fell on a Friday, so we took the chance to schedule another trip to Southern Cebu since it was a long weekend. We went to Ginatilan and Samboan (around 4 hours away from Cebu City), and our theme was chasing mountain[s] and waterfalls. :P

Our first stop was Mt. Hambubuyog, a mountain that stands at 770 meters above sea level and is located in the town of Ginatilan. We rode on a motorcycle from the town proper to Inambakan Falls (PHP30/head) where we took a short dip before trekking (it was also the jump-off point). The entrance fee went down from PHP30/head to PHP10/head (we were there last June 2013).

Note: Most of the photos in this post are from Mumu and my friend Angel.

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