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“We are tied to the ocean. And when we go back to the sea, whether it is to sail or to watch – we are going back from whence we came.” -John F. Kennedy

volcano island

To celebrate my and Mumu’s birthdays last year (actually just around 3 months ago), we had a trip to Tagaytay with the Gangsters (Cebuano friends in Manila). I fell in love with the place all over again! It wasn’t my first time in Tagaytay since we’ve been there during our educational tour last 2010, but because I’ve gotten so used to the usual hustle and bustle of the city, arriving in Tagaytay on a Saturday afternoon with the chilly breeze and relaxing surroundings captured my heart.

The hostel we stayed at was Our Melting Pot Hostel. I loved the style of the hostel — it’s like a normal house with many rooms for the guests. Coupled with the cold temperature and the sunlight through the windows, our stay there couldn’t get any homier! The cost of our stay was PHP2,900 for 2 rooms, each room good for 3 people. For more information, you may visit their website. (Rating: )

It was a cold and rainy afternoon, so we decided to have some bulalo. There were a lot of restaurants around that offered bulalo, but we went for Bulalo Point because they had an area overlooking Taal Lake, though there were some houses that blocked our view. (Rating: )



Aside from playing outside the house, I think I spent almost half of my childhood watching anime series, whether on the local channels or AXN. Especially AXN. That’s the time I learned some basic Japanese. But I admit that most of my favorite anime series were shown on the local channels! Choosing the top 2 was as easy as pie, but I kinda had a hard time choosing the rest. It got me thinking what really made me say, “Ahh, I was a kid back then!” So here’s the list along with the summaries and my thoughts. I hope you can relate, though! :P

Disclaimer: The images I used in this post are not mine.

5. Fushigi Yuugi / Curious Play


Miaka Yuuki, an average middle school student caught up in studying for exams, is sucked into an ancient Chinese novel titled “The Universe of Four Gods”. There she discovers that she is in an ancient country in what is now China, Konan, and is to be the Priestess of one of the four gods, Suzaku. As the priestess, her duty is to gather the Seven Seishi of Suzaku, who are to be her protectors. Once they are gathered, the priestess will summon the god Suzaku and bring peace between the warring lands, Konan and Kutou. But it’s harder than it seems. Along the road, many hardships are faced, as Miaka’s best friend Yui Hongo enters the book and becomes her rival, the priestess of Seiryuu in the land of Kutou. Who summons their god first is up to the courage and skill of the priestesses and their seishi, as they meet triumphs and tragedies along the way. -Anime News Network

canyoning in badian cebu

On June 2014, my friends and I went on a new kind of adventure which we first knew about through Drew Arellano’s video on YouTubecanyoning or canyoneering.

Canyoning (known as canyoneering in the U.S.) is traveling in canyons using a variety of techniques that may include other outdoor activities such as walking, scrambling, climbing, jumping, abseiling (rappelling), and/or swimming. -Wikipedia

Badian, which is where this kind of adventure can be sought out, is a town in the southwestern part of Cebu and is 3 hours away from Cebu City. To get there, you can ride a bus at the South Bus Terminal.


mumu & i - siargao

Warning: You’re gonna get sick of our faces in this post! :))

I rarely talk about my boyfriend online, especially on Twitter or on this blog (on Facebook, most of our friends know about us), so you wouldn’t know anything about him, maybe except that I call him Mumu and that he’s in almost all of my adventures. Maybe just this once, I’ll talk a little about him/us.

mumu & i - early months

Mumu and I are not the type of couple who is very showy of their relationship online. We don’t throw sweet messages at each other for everyone to see. Whether we’re feeling mushy or we’re arguing/having a fight, we keep it private as much as possible. We don’t feel the need to publicize our relationship.

mumu & i - more years


On February 15, 2015, Cebu’s premier blogging organization, Cebu Bloggers Society, Inc. (CBSi), will celebrate its 7th Founding Anniversary at Cebu City Marriott Hotel. This celebration will highlight the trivia night, which will focus on the organization’s journey through the 7 years that passed.

Sumilon Bluewater Day Tour, August 2009
Sumilon Bluewater Day Tour, August 2009

Mark M. Monta, who founded the organization on February 14, 2008, has this to say:

Cebu Bloggers is my baby — our baby. Like a good father to his child, I make it a point to help it grow by making sure that all new blogging enthusiasts are guided with the same zeal and passion that I and other members possess. I am trying my very best to be a good example to everyone by selflessly serving for the good of the organization and not just myself.