Mikyu Meets World

Cover: Hide Away by Daya

This is gonna be the first time I’ll be sharing my music recordings (cover) on this blog. Or is it? Well, if you count the video of our performance during the Bandwidth 2016 semi-finals (we have no copy of the video during finals, huhuhu), then this is the second time. Hehehe.

You could slightly hear the original track on the background — it’s how I do recordings ‘coz it gives me a little boost compared to singing with an instrumental (minus one) track. I might be sharing more soon, depending on the feedback. Hahaha! Thanks for listening (if you did)! :P

P.S. Hide Away by Daya is currently one of my favorite songs! :)

Who are We to Judge?

Don’t be too quick to draw conclusions about a person. Just because he doesn’t live his life the way you live yours doesn’t give you the right to say “he doesn’t have a life” or “he’s so ignorant”.

Think about all the things you do that he doesn’t. It could be the same number of things he does that you don’t, even more. The time you spend watching movies, he could be spending it reading books or writing compositions. The time you spend playing games on your phone, he could be spending it volunteering in his community. When you’re chatting with your friends online or consuming updates on social media, he could be out there making real connections with real people. And when you’re sleeping in or drinking like there’s no tomorrow, he could be exploring the world.

We all have our own ways of enjoying life, of making the most out of our time here on Earth. Who are you to judge? Who am I to judge?

Puti is now a neutered dog!

Photo by my sister

Our family dog, Puti, is finally neutered at 7 months — look at those tiny balls! There’s a lot of articles online about the benefits of neutering/spaying your pets. There are risks, of course, but I think the benefits outweigh them. Here’s one I recently read: Man Up and Neuter!. If you’re not going to breed your cats or dogs, you might wanna consider neutering/spaying them. :)

P.S. I will formally introduce my/our dogs on this blog soon. :))

If I were to go back in time…

…I would go back to the time when blogging wasn’t a business yet, or wasn’t as “serious” as it is now.

Ten years ago, I started to blog in Multiply. I remember updating my site regularly for the sake of documenting my life, or just to express what I was feeling at that moment — I was (and I guess, will always be) a hard core personal blogger. I didn’t really care about what my readers would think, or if I had any in that case. Years passed, I jumped from one platform to another, and I didn’t seek approval or validation from anyone… yet.

I guess that changed in the recent years. Due to blogger-peer pressure, I began being conscious of what I published online. I lost a part of my candidness, and I developed a fear of oversharing.

This is what I’m trying to overcome. I want to be able to share whatever I want on this blog, may it be something useful or trivial (but I know the limits guys, don’t worry). You might see some changes here in the coming days. If you think nobody would really care, I’m not after the validation/approval anyway. I just wanna continue expressing myself freely. :)